Highly Recommend Stephanie Ehrbright

"After my husband was charged with aggravated assault we didn't know what to do. I ended up calling Ms. Ehrbright on a Saturday and was quickly advised of options. I met with her 48 hours later and was assured she would take care of the case. SHE DID! She was sympathetic to us and wise to the system. While she was my husbands attorney, she met with me and answered questions. She was quick to answer emails, texts, and calls. My husbands initial bail was set at $50,000. She appeared before the judge and got it reduced to nothing! Ultimately, my husband was given a reasonable/fair sentence and it all because of Ms. Ehrbright. I highly recommend her to anyone faced with a criminal felony charge."

Very professional and close to the client

"I am really happy with the close attention Stephanie gave to my case. She doesn't just consider your purely legal situation but all kind of aspects that could affect or benefit your personal life. You can tell that behind her good knowledge of the legal world she owns an experienced background on psychology.

I appreciate her care for the details and honesty at the time of confronting your case. Having her as a lawyer will definitely make you feel protected."

More Than I Paid For

"Stephanie was honestly the best attorney I've ever had. She went above and beyond what I paid for. She truly cares, is completely honest and straight forward. Stephanie gets the job done no matter what. She is genuinely a good person and a great attorney. By the end of my case she wasn't just my attorney I felt like she was my friend, and there was no doubt that she was on my side."

Truly caring and top notch

"I was referred to Stephanie by another attorney after getting raked over the coals for a DUI for having nothing more than my legal prescription medications in my system. ( i have multiple sclerosis) when doing my mandatory 1 day in Maricopa county they dug up a 7yr old non payment on a check in Colorado and decided that they were going to hold me without my meds until the time Colorado chose to come get me on a 7yr old non extraditable warrant. She was there for me at 2am to comfort me and deal with the judge and get me released the next day. She also dealt with Colorado long distance for me to get the warrant quashed so i wouldn't be put thru the same issue again if i was ever pulled over again. I 100% love her to death and would implore anyone facing a criminal issue to hire Stephanie because she will go above and beyond for you."

She will go above and beyond for her clients

"Simply put Ms. Ehrbright went above and beyond in her representation of me. I was charged with several felonies involving fraud and she was able to get them reduced to a charge that will turn in to a misdemeanor after I finish my probation, she was able to get me no jail time, and she has helped me on a separate issue involving a different charge. She even called and spoke with the prosecutor on that case so that she could help explain it to me. When the police arrested a 65 year old woman for assaulting an officer she was right there standing up for me in 4th Ave jail court at 2am and got me released with no bail."

Ms. Ehrbright handled my case in a very professional manner!

"I would like to let everyone know if they need a criminal defense attorney that Ms. Ehrbright will handle your case in a very professional manner and would even go the extra mile for her clients. I was referred to Ms. Ehrbright by a friend after I was charged with criminal damage to property. I have never been in trouble with the law before and was nervous of the charges pending against me. She explained the whole process with me step by step and gave me peace of mind heading into my court date. Every time I had a question about the charges and I called her (and I called her a lot), she would take my call right away or if she was unavailable due to being in court for another client she would return my call the same day as quickly as possible even after hours. Thanks to Ms. Ehrbright I can move on with my life and not worry about these charges haunting me for the rest of my life and ruining my career."

Recommending Stephanie Lee Ehrbright

"Ms. Ehrbright, went above and beyond my expectations as lawyer for my case. She did everything she could to save my job,and my family. She not only helped us in the courtroom, but also on the outside talking to character witnesses, employers, and counseling in both case related and personal issues. She did experiments to prove to the court on how non-dangerous my offence was and had it pleaded down to an Disorderly Conduct charge to an uncooperative prosecutor, in order to try to save my military career and she researched and talked to my Military Chain of Command to try to do the same.

Her services were well worth what we paid, even though I lost my military status and maintained a Felony Disorderly Conduct charge which was not any fault of her not fighting for me. She fought hard on and off the courtroom against an unethical, uncooperative, and blatantly lying prosecutor. She was a bargain compared to the lawyer I had before her, who was going to settle for a worse result. Even though, I am a felon now on probation with no jail time, I must profess that she was a good lawyer and would recommend her to anyone needing council."

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